REVIEW: Revlon nail polishes

These nail polishes are nothing new, but I wanted to do a short review of them because I’ve accumulated a few over the past couple of months. It seems like every time I go to Target or Walmart, I end up buying a bottle of nail polish. It’s getting pretty bad, guys. I have to stop!

**Note: The image above is very true to color.

I really do like this brand. It’s affordable (~$3.99) compared to other drugstore brands, such as: Essie, certain Sally Hansen polishes, Nicole by OPI, and definitely more affordable than non-drugstore ones — OPI, China Glaze, Butter by London, Deborah Lippmann, etc. The consistency of the polish makes it a lot easier to apply and it lasts for awhile, depending on the top coat you use and how well you take care of your nails throughout the week(s). Also, I find that I can get away without using a base coat because Revlon polishes don’t stain my nails. Every time I visit the Revlon section at the store, I  check out the nail polish… and  I always manage to pick one up to take home.

#926 Silver Dollar: I picked this up because it’s so pretty! It’s a great metallic silver color that would be great for New Year’s Eve. For me personally, I think it’s a little too much to wear alone all over the nails because it is very disco ball-esque. I think it would be really nice as an accent color in nail marbling. (If you don’t know what that it, youtube it and you’ll find a ton of videos). It applies very easily and you would probably need only one coat of it, so it is very simple and fast to apply. If you are more daring than me, then this color would be perfect to wear all by itself! It’s very festive & would be great for a party.

#925 Gold Coin: I got this at the same time as Silver Dollar, and for the same reason. I do, however, think this is a lot  more wearable than the silver one. I have worn this all over my nails and I loved it. It gave a little sparkle because of the glitter but it wasn’t screaming disco ball like the silver. With these two colors, it does take a little bit more effort to remove because of the glitter, but not too bad because the glitter is very very fine. I highly recommend this one!

#907 Steel-her Heart: My absolute favorite color! This is such a great steel gray color that can be worn with anything. I wore this all over my nails and did a subtle nail marbling with this color and Gold Coin on my ring finger. As much as I hate nail marbling (too messy and a waste of nail polish), I loved how it looked with those two colors! This is how much of a favorite it is of mine: recently at Target, it was on clearance for $1.98 and I was contemplating if I should buy as a back-up for when my first bottle runs out. I ended up not buying it because I’m trying not to feed my growing nail polish addiction.

#310 Timeless: This is the first cream polish I’ve ever purchased and I saw the color and just had to get it. It’s a creamy blue/taupe/gray color and would be a good go-to color if you’re a working woman and need to tone down the color for work. I do find it hard to apply an even coat because it’s so creamy that you can definitely notice if you’ve applied an uneven coat, but I think it’s work the extra effort because it’s such a classic color. I’m wearing this color currently and I keep looking at them because they’re so different from any other color I own. I recommend this to anyone who loves wearing nail polish but is restrained to fewer colors because of work or other situations.

#940 Facets of Fuchsia (Scandalous): This took me forever to find! I saw someone on Youtube wearing this and had to hunt it down. I think it used to be a limited edition color for their fall collection, but they brought it back later. I was doing my typical browsing through the Revlon aisle and saw it & snatched it up! It’s a beautiful black-based nail polish with two different sized fuchsia-colored glitters. Two coats of this color and you are good to go. I’ve heard that this is a pretty close dupe to Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance nail polish, which I think is ~$16-18. Definitely pick it up if you are looking for a glitter polish.

#480 Chic: This is the latest color that I’ve picked up. It’s a creamy dark blue color that I am absolutely loving! I haven’t actually tried it on all of my nails, but I applied to my thumb and it was so pretty! I think it’ll be my next nail color, for sure. Like the color Timeless, I feel like it is very wearable even though it’s a bit darker.

I hope that this was semi-helpful in case you were wondering about any of these colors. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to ask!

Update (03.13.12): I bought another one.. in #410 Dreamer. I can’t help myself! It’s a pretty sky blue color which I think will be nice for spring. =]

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Revlon nail polishes

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  2. Thanks for the review! I like your nail marble design, it looks gorgeous!

    I like Timeless and Scandalous a lot too, gotta get those. 🙂

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