REVIEW: Lappert’s Ice Cream & Coffee Lounge

Who needs to go all the way to Disneyland to get dole whip when you have Lappert’s? To me, they have such strong, decadent flavors that you won’t even believe is ice cream. It’s too smooth & too creamy to be ice cream! I hate the cheap kind that’s really icy and melts instantly, so I’m always wary when it comes to eating ice cream (I prefer gelato). I definitely did not have to worry with this place! It has an almost gelato texture to it and I cannot get enough of it! I wish I lived closer.. And the service is great, too! I’ve been here twice and it’s always been the same guy working there. He knows his stuff! If you’ve never been to Lappert’s before, he will tell you a brief history of the place, where their ice cream comes from, and answer any questions you may have.
When I came here, I ordered a scoop of the Kona Coffee ice cream because I’m a coffee fiend and anything with coffee flavor, I will almost always get it. It was so strong & so delicious! The coffee comes from Hawaii and has such a distinct, rich taste. It definitely makes me want to order a cup of coffee from here.. next time, next time.. (note to self!) My friend ordered a scoop of the macadamia nut and it tasted like a spoonful of macadamia! It wasn’t just a hint of macadamia, they maximized the flavor in their ice cream so your taste buds get to have a party with the flavor!

They are also well-known for their dole whip. You know, the swirl of pineapple-flavored frozen goodness? None of us ordered it when we came, but we all tried a sample and it tasted just like it would at Disneyland! If you google images of dole whip, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m always on the fence when it comes to pineapple, but this was pretty refreshing when I had a sample of it. I would contemplate getting a shot of dole whip on my ice cream the next time I go.

The interior is very clean and simple. There are tables along the wall & a counter by the window to sit at. There’s also a huge sprinkles machine that none of us had any idea how to use! We were thinking it was just a display, but there were droppings of sprinkles on the bottom & a scoop, but 5 college students had no idea how it worked. It looked really cool, though! If anyone has been there & knows how to work that thing, please let me know!

For me, this place is a little too far to casually grab ice cream, but it’s definitely worth the drive once in awhile because it’s not like any other ice cream I’ve ever had. There are also so many options that I will keep going back to order different things. It’s a perfect for the warm San Diego days that happen the majority of the year. In fact, it’s been warm lately… just might be the time again to pay this place a visit. Check out this place if you get the chance; it’ll cool you down after a long hot day in beautiful, SUNNY San Diego.

Here’s their website so you can check out more information:


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