REVIEW: Chocolat

My sweet tooth thanks my friend, Minh, for taking me to this place. If you’ve read my review of Lapperts (here’s the link), then you know that I mentioned I’m more of a gelato person. I love how they decorated the interior with square cushions covered in cow print which I thought was adorable. I also love their cute cow cartoon logo. You might be wondering, “why a cow?” I’ll tell you why. Cow produces milk; milk is used to make gelato and other forms of delicious treats that Chocolat offers. Makes sense now, eh?

Now let’s get talking about the gelato. They have two refrigerator cabinet displays (or whatever they’re called) of gelato, so there’s a huge variety of flavors. With me being such an indecisive person, it took me a very long time to choose what I wanted to order. The workers there were extremely nice and patient, and happily gave us plenty of samples. I, eventually, ordered two flavors, coffee (of course) and macadamia nut. It tasted delicious! It was $4.50 for two flavors which is a decent price because you get A LOT of gelato. I’ve always found it difficult to finish an entire cup on my own, but I do.. because it’s just that good.

Not only do they have gelato, they have a ton of other different desserts and pastries. You can order specialty gelato desserts that more than just a scoop of gelato, it’s more like a work of art. You can also choose from a variety of different pastries and chocolates.

On the other side of the dessert area, there is a restaurant. They even serve savory foods! How awesome is that? I haven’t tried it yet, but one day, I will. And I’m sure it’ll be pretty good because every time I come, there are always people in the restaurant area. They make their own wood-fire pizza, hand-made pasta, and more. I think it’d be a great place for a date. It has dinner AND dessert all in one place!

The only down side that I can think of is the area. Hillcrest is a wonderful place to explore and try different cuisines, but the parking can be a nightmare! There are parking meters and parking lots that you have to pay for, but other than that, it’s an easy-to-locate area on the corner 5th and University Ave.

Craving for dessert but you haven’t eaten dinner yet? Stop by Chocolat for a one-stop shop!


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