REVIEW: Mr. Dumpling

Although the place is called “Mr. Dumpling”, surprisingly, I haven’t tried the dumplings! I came here for the all-you-can-eat hotpot. Before coming here, the only hotpot I’ve ever had was homemade; I’ve never went out for it because nothing beats homemade food! The location is pretty random, there are barely, if any, other restaurants near it but it is relatively easy to find. The atmosphere of the place is also random. The entrance looks really nice, it’s gated, has golden lion statues in the front. The decor was standard; I like that every was matching, sometimes the interior of certain places get carried away, but this place was nice and neutral. The random part comes in with the sports bar/pool hall. We were sat at a table next to a window where you can see into the pool hall, which was weird… but what better way to work up an appetite or to help you digest than a hearty game of pool?

Let’s get talking to about the hotpot. First of all, it was all-you-can-eat hotpot for $18 a person, which is a pretty decent deal. We split the broth in half (with a divider) for the non-spicy folk and the uber spicy folk. I leaned towards the spicy because there’s a lot more flavor; I feel the non-spicy broth tends to be a little bland. We ordered a TON of different things to cook, but didn’t order too much at once because they charge for leftovers. All of the meat were very thinly sliced and fresh, so cooking time in the broth was fairly quick. The lamb was my favorite! It was so tender and just lovely. We also ordered beef, but beef is so standard that it wasn’t anything special. I mean, how often do you have lamb? There were also a lot of tofu, different types of vegetables, noodles, etc. The menu they give you to order is overwhelming; the list of ingredients go on an on! Oy, this is making me crave hotpot again..

One thing I really like about this place is their sauce station. You can pick your own/make your own mixture of sauces. I think there was about 6-8 different types of sauces & flavorings you can mix to your own liking. I’ve only been to one other hotpot place other than this one, and this is the only place that has their own sauce station. Plus points for Mr. Dumpling on this one.

So enough about the food, let’s move on to the service… or lack thereof. We came here for dinner, so there were quite a few tables to be served, but there were only TWO waiters! There were people who came in AFTER us and were served BEFORE us. How frustrating is that? I will say, especially in this place, it would be to your benefit to go with someone who can speak Cantonese or Mandarin. The waiters barely spoke English and that made it very difficult to order or ask for anything. Luckily, there were two people with us that were able to communicate with them, but I’m assuming they didn’t care too much attention to us because we’re young and they tended to the older customers first.. even if they came in after us. We were sitting there for a long, long, LONG time before a waiter came to our table to take our order. Then, it took a loooong time for them to come around to ask for water. THEN, I started timing them to see how long it would take to get our glasses of water. IT TOOK 15+ MINUTES! I was very disappointed with the service, but the food almost makes up for it.

I hope their service has gotten better by now.. because I really want to go back and try their dumplings. I mean, it’s called “Mr. Dumpling”! Their dumplings must be good if it’s in the name!


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