REVIEW: The Surfside

70% off sushi on Mondays?? Talk about every college student’s dream! I can’t say it’s the best sushi I have ever had, but it’s definitely the best deal. Every Monday at 5:00pm, there is a line out the door; the line is intimidating and the wait can be quite long, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve waited in line for 45 minutes on a cold night before and that didn’t deter me from my sushi!

The first time I went was during spring break last year with a total of seven people. We got a liiiiitle ambitious with ordering & got SO MUCH. We ordered somewhere in the range of 20+ rolls… yeah, it was sushi overload. The waitress came out with a wooden board full of sushi and we thought we got way too many rolls already, but then.. ANOTHER wooden board came out! We all knew it would be the sushi challenge of our lives to eat all of these rolls, but we were ready and willing. Sadly, the sushi got the best of us; we didn’t finish, but it made nice leftovers for a few people.

Let’s move past the story and get to the sushi. It’s not the best sushi in San Diego, but it’s the most affordable. The usual rolls we order are the crunchy roll, good amount of crunch and you can’t go wrong with ordering a crunchy roll at a sushi restaurant; the Philadelphia roll, which has WAY too much cream cheese; the eel roll, my favorite and has a good texture; the rainbow roll, pretty basic roll, hard to go wrong with it; softshell crab roll, which is pretty big and has a nice crunch; and more.

The location, however, is in Pacific Beach. If you know anything about PB, then you know it is pretty difficult to find parking. Make sure you put some spare time to find parking if you’re planning on eating here. Also, the actual restaurant is pretty small, partly the reason why the line is always so long on Monday nights… way too many people and not enough space. Luckily, when it comes to me and my friends, the second we get seated, we order right away (we’ve become pros..), and once we get our sushi, WE DEVOUR IT WITHIN MINUTES. No lie. We timed ourselves before.. it was a slightly proud, yet embarrassing moment.

Anyways, to keep it short and simple, I would definitely recommend this place if you’re on a budget. A dinner with ~7 people with an average of ~2-3 rolls per person would end up being ~$10-15 a person WITH tax + tip. Trust me, you will get STUFFED and you will fill your sushi quota for the month.


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