REVIEW: Stacked

Restaurants have become so hi-tech these days! Paper menus have become obsolete in Stacked (even though they still give you a physical menu). Why? Because you order from an ipad! Whhaatttt? Yes, it’s true.  There’s an  ipad at every table and you can take your time browsing through the menu, customizing every part of your meal. I think it’s a fun idea to do something like that. You might think it makes the waiters useless, but they still come around and ask if you have any questions, if everything’s alright, and they’re still very friendly.

The interior is fun, random designs all over the place, it’s spacious, and has an overall good vibe about it. It’s located in Fashion Valley Mall (near Cheesecake Factory). There’s a ton of construction going on around the place, so be weary of that. And since it’s in a mall, parking can be quite a headache. However, after you eat, you can digest your meal by walking around the mall! According to their website, there are only 3 locations open, so yay for one being in San Diego!

Let’s get down to the food. I ordered the Kung Fusion burger which has pickled ginger coleslaw & sriracha mayo. I could NOT pass up on sirarcha mayo! It was the perfect medium rare burger, too. However, the friend that I went with said the last time she went, her medium rare burger came out well done, so the cooking may be not consistent. The coolest thing about Stacked, aside from the ipad, is the ability to customize your meal from the bun down to the sauce and everything in-between. We also ordered a small side of fries (delicious, by the way!) with our choice of sauce. There were quite a few to choose from and they’re different from the typical ketchup or ranch; we decided to go with a red pepper aioli. Fahncy, eh? It was gooood! After our meal, we opted for dessert. They have mouth-watering shakes and ice cream cookie sandwiches – everything customized, of course. We got an ice cream cookie sandwich with fudge swirl ice cream and one chocolate chip & one snickerdoodle cookie. So yummy!

I can’t even begin to describe the rest of the menu to you. You have to check out their website, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the one of three locations, then you should definitely check the place out. I can’t speak about the rest of their food (hot dogs, pizza, salad, soup, mac & cheese, etc), but I can say their burger is pretty darn good and the price is reasonable for the experience, the ability to customize, and the taste you get.



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