REVIEW: Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

I’m completely obsessing over nail polish this year! I decided to do this post because I racked up quite a few Sinful Color polishes. Just the other day, I decided to browse around Target & Rite Aid, not really wanting to buy anything because I wanted to get out of the house for a bit, but I ended up buying 5 bottles of nail polish! (4 were Sinful Colors) The thing I love about this brand is their price, $1.99 per bottle! ($1.89 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond). I’ve been loving my Revlon polishes, but I could get TWO Sinful Colors for the price of ONE Revlon. SUPER AFFORDABLE.
(Image above may NOT be true to color. Even the swatches online on various websites are misleading. Obviously, the best choice is to go to the store to see them in person. I think they’re available at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, & Bed, Bath & Beyond.. possibly more places!)

I love all of these colors! I tend to gravitate towards darker colors, but I made it a mission to buy more colorful polishes. I think I’ve somewhat succeeded. Overall, this brand is great. It’s very easy to apply, there are a ton of different colors to choose from, and a variety of different finishes as well. There are cream, shimmery, glitter, and matte finishes which I think I have a mix of all of them. The only downfall (same with Revlon), it does take a while to dry. If you have a fast drying top coat, then it might be okay. But I suggest planning ahead if you’re painting your nails with this brand.. make sure you have sufficient time to let them fully dry or you might end up having to re-do them! I always do two coats of ANY polish I wear and the same goes to Sinful Colors. There are some that can be done with one coat, but a second coat is nice to do just in case!

#808 Flirting Nails: First one I bought from Sinful Colors. It’s a great neutral color that would be perfect to wear if you’re a working woman and can’t have a colorful polish one but want to have something on your nails. This can get a little streaky if you’re not careful because it’s a little more sheer than the others, but with careful application, it won’t be a problem at all.

#952 Hazard: shows up a little bit pale in the picture above, but it’s more of a vibrant coral orange color in person. This is absolutely perfect for the spring season! It definitely follows the trend of bright colors & makes your hands look tanner (or it does to me..). I just painted this on my nails today and I love it! It’s definitely bright & colorful and something I’m not used to, but it’s a nice change from the colors I usually gravitate towards. In the picture to the right, I decided to wear a matte top coat (NYC Matte me Crazy mattifying top coat; <$2 at Target!) over it because I’ve been obsessing over matte nails ever since I joined Pinterest. I look up nail pictures & there are always images of matte nails & I’ve been loooooving them. (Follow me on Pinterest @ tiffnguyen1!). I think it looks pretty good! What are your thoughts on matte nails?

#950 Savage: I find that this type of blue is a lot more wearable (on me) than a darker true blue. I have a darker true blue and it looks weird on my nails, so I only wear that one on my toes. However, “Savage” is a nice shade of blue which I think would be great for spring and summer. It also dries to a matte finish, which I like since I’m really into matte nails at the moment. (Also, I’m planning on buying a yellow polish so I can do a Chargers theme nails with this when football season rolls back around! Even though this color isn’t the exact blue that the Chargers have, as long as it’s blue I think it’ll be okay.)

#931 See You Soon: It’s hard to get a good, clear picture of this polish because it’s so dark, but it’s sooo pretty! It’s a black-based polish with blue/green micro glitter. GORGEOUS. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve tested it out and looks amazing. I’ll post a pic when I do wear it.

#940 Rise and Shine: This is a shimmery, MATTE teal green color. It’s much more green than in the image above, and it shows up a little more green on your nails than in the bottle, but it’s still a great color.. perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! This is the first matte nail polish I’ve owned & didn’t even know it was matte until I put it on my nails. I guess that’s another downfall… they don’t label their polishes if they’re matte or not. If you don’t like matte nails, then make sure you have a shiny top coat!

#933 Secret Admirer: I saw this & HAD to have it. It’s a gorgeous black-based polish with a ton of silver micro glitter. I’ve been wanting China Glaze’s “Stone Cold” from their Hunger Games collection, and I think I’ve found a dupe for it! “Secret Admirer” dries to a shiny finish, but that’s nothing a matte top coat can’t fix! As you see in the picture on the far right, it looks like a fairly decent dupe for Stone Cold. I used NYC Matte me Crazy mattifying top coat and I think it turned out great! The first picture on the right is a comparison between a matte top coat & just the nail polish. (matte vs. shiny)
Secret Admirer ($1.99) + NYC matte top coat ($1.70) = less than China Glaze Stone Cold!

#929 Let’s Talk: This is a definitely true, vivid purple (way more deeper in person than it is in the picture). It reminds me of royalty because of how true & deep the purple is! It was impossible to get a good picture of this because it shows up blue in the camera. But it’s such a pretty shade and one of the more colorful polishes that I first bought. I loved it paired with a gold accent nail (that’s as creative as I’ll get with my nails! I have no patience to do anything else haha)

#1107 Greek Isles: Just bought it today (04.20.12) because it’s a pretty muted mint green color. I think it’d be a good color for spring if you’re interested in color, but don’t want to go extremely bright and have an IN YOUR FACE-type of color. It goes on fairly easy, it’s creamy, and two coats (like all of the others) is perfect to get a true effect of its color. I highly recommend this one!

#2 Black on Black: The name says it all. I’ve been loving pictures of matte black nails, so I wanted to pick up a black nail polish (1st image on the left). Since I have a matte top coat, I think I can have quite a bit of fun with this! (2nd image on the left). I bought this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $1.89.

Pros: easy to apply, pretty good color selection, variety of finishes, AFFORDABLE ($1.99)
Cons: slow to dry, doesn’t tell you which colors are matte

UPDATE: Be sure to use a BASE COAT! I tend to get lazy and skip that step and my nails have been stained by a few of the colors; particularly, the colorful polishes (ex: Hazard & Greek Isles, specifically). Some of the colors don’t, but I would be sure to use a base coat just to be on the safe side. It sucks having my nails stained with Greek Isles because it’s green! >:[
And check out my post on my current Revlon nail polishes! Also, part 2 of my Sinful Colors review!


9 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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  2. Hi! I was wonderin where i could get a matte topcoat? I LOVE matte colors, but i didnt even know matte topcoats existed! Please reply(:

    • The one I use (which is decent) is from New York Color (N.Y.C.), but I also know of one from Essie, Orly, China Glaze. But NYC is the most affordable! Hope that helps 🙂

      edit:: And you can find N.Y.C. at Target! And probably Essie & Orly at certain drugstores. :]

  3. Love this blog Girlie :-). I recently have discovered that I have become a nail polish addict lol and I came across your blog and love it!! I am up to almost 150 polishes and counting, my husband is getting worried lol. I just love that it is a simple way to incorporate color and fashion into your life in a really small way. You can’t change your hair everyday (or well I don’t recommend it, but you can lol), but you can change your polish and make a statement in a more subtle way than clothes, I love it :-). Definitely bookmarked your blog :-).

  4. I love the colours Sinful has to offer and I think I have about half a dozen bottles, I have the see you soon too, my only problem is they tend to chip in less than half a day for me, Ive just purchased a chip resitant top coat so we shall see

    • Might be your base coat as well? I haven’t noticed too much chipping… I tend to pick at my nail polish after a few days anyways haha. Good luck! They’re such affordable polishes, I hope they’ll last longer than half a day for you =]

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