Nails of the Day (NOTD) 05.02.12

I told myself I wouldn’t paint my nails for a while because they need a break from all of the nail polish, but I couldn’t help it! I went nail polish-less for almost a week… ANYWAYS! Here’s a picture of what’s currently on my nails. I thought it would curb my desire to paint my nails different colors every week.. by painting them 3 different colors at once. =]

On my pinky, I have on NYC Peaches N’ Cream. On my ring & middle fingers, I have on Sinful Colors Greek Isles. And on my index finger & thumb, I have on Revlon Dreamer. They all do not have shimmer & dry to a creamy, shiny finish. Since I’m SO into matte nails right now, I used NYC’s mattifying top coat. I think this color combination is perfect for spring! And it certainly brightens up my outfits because I tend to wear very neutral clothing.

(Unfortunately, the picture does NOT do the colors any justice! Keep in mind that Peaches N’ Cream is a lot more coral pink in real life than the orange it’s coming off in the picture.)

Hope you like my spring nails! I’ll try to do more color combos, but I want to give my nails some breathing room at some point.. Anyways, have a great day! =]


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