Song(s) of the week 05.12.12

I can’t believe I missed this week’s song post! After missing last week, I told myself to DEFINITELY post 2 songs on Friday to make up for it, but I failed…. FOR GOOD REASON! I got last minute tickets to Channel 933’s Summer Kickoff Concert, so I didn’t have the time! BUT, I will now post two songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I hope you enjoy!

First off, is Jamie Lono. (Yes, I’m still crazy for The Voice!) He’s been doing great things since he was eliminated, such as making a music video! Here is his original song of “I Think I Like You (I.T.I.L.Y.)” IT’S AMAZING!

Second song is from the band, Girls. They performed on Conan a few weeks ago and I actually like them! They are very 60’s/Beatles-esque which I really enjoy. Check out their song, “Love is Like a River”.


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