REVIEW: Babycakes (San Diego)

I have been wanting to check this place out for a loooong time. Ever since I went on their website and looked at their brunch menu, I knew this was a place I had to put on my list. I, personally, love brunch because I never  wake up early enough for breakfast, but I enjoy breakfast foods. Brunch = perfect marriage between time & delicious food.

Anyways, so I was checking out their brunch menu online and noticed a particular item… RED VELVET HOT CAKES. omg *drool* Needless to say, that is what I ordered. It was sooo good! It comes with two red velvet pancakes, with their cream cheese spread all over, topped with strawberries, and a side of assorted fruit. The pancakes weren’t too sweet which I really enjoyed, the cream cheese wasn’t either, but there was a lot of it (I just scraped it off).

My friend and I decided to share our meals, so he ordered the “On the Farm Omelet”. The omelet consisted of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, bacon, & smoked ham, and it came with a side of rosemary potatoes and assorted fruit. SO YUM. The omelet was really good; loooved the smoked ham. Wasn’t too keen on the rosemary tomatoes, but ate it anyway to cut the sweetness of the red velvet pancakes.

A couple of other friends ordered the “Eggs Benny”, which is the typical eggs benedict. We all shared, so I ate a bite of it and it was pretty good. I’m a huge fan of eggs benedict and I love places that actually make it correctly.. meaning, the yolk has to run when you cut into the eggs! I can’t say too much more about it because I only had a bite, but from that one bite, I would order it the next time I go.

On to the service. The workers there are pretty cool. They’re super friendly and love talking to everyone. They are a little intrusive, but that’s totally not a bad thing! They would come around and talk to each table, some would actually sit down haha. Loved the atmosphere of that place.

The location is in Hillcrest, and if you know anything about Hillcrest, it is definitely hard to find parking! We had to park at Rite Aid and pay $3 to park there for an hour, which worked out perfectly because it was right across the street and we finished in about an hour anyways.

Overall, great place. I’ve had their blood orange cupcake before… DELICIOUS. So if you’re not in the mood to sit down for a real meal, at least stop by and try their cupcakes. I will, most definitely, come here again and try a lot more things!

Website: www.


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