My new obsession… Candles!

I’ve never been a candle person because I didn’t want to run the risk of falling asleep and my room catches on fire… Haha dramatic, I know. Honestly, it’s more about me being picky with scents. However, I’ve been wanting a candle for my room lately because it gets stale in my tiny room within the garage and I thought a nice scented candle would be perfect!

Like I said, I’m picky with my scents. I knew I didn’t want floral scents and I figured sweet candy/dessert scents would give me a headache, so I didn’t know what to do! I browsed around Target and started smelling the Glade candles.. didn’t like any of them…. Except for one! It’s the fall limited edition scent in Maple Pumpkin. SMELLS FANTASTIC. It smells exactly like its name… Smells like the holidays with a hint of maple. And its only $2.99 ($2.50 at Walmart)! Granted, it is a small candle, but I have a small room so it’s perfect.

The other candle I bought is, I think, exclusively at Target. I’m not sure what the brand is… I think Scented Portfolio Soy Candle? Anyways, the scent I picked up is Autumn Harvest (a limited edition soy candle) for $5. I think it smells like chai tea… I could be wrong because I’m horrible at describing scents and haven’t had a chai tea drink in awhile. Do I even dare say it smells like a vanilla chai tea? Chances are that I’m totally off haha. This is also a small candle, but I like smaller candles for my room. I think the large 3-wick candles at Bath & Body Works or the large Yankee jar candles would just overpower my room.

Definitely going to check out more candles! I love them!!


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