REVIEW: Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish (Part 2)

I’ve been slowly collecting more, guys. This isn’t good. I’ve heavily restricted myself, too, so this isn’t much (7 bottles) but I’ve gotten a good chunk of them in recent months.. figured it’d be a good time to update! You can tell that I shopped for Fall-esque colors… 😀

#1106 Cinderella: I saw this polish on Pinterest & loved how it looked. I went shopping one day at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and saw it… had to get it! It’s a baby blue polish with a ton of silver micro glitter. It’s pretty sheer (or just too light of a blue); you would need at least 2-3 coats of it. I like it, but it’s not my favorite. And the color really does remind me of Cinderella! I think it’d be great for the spring/summer because it’s a lighter color, but do what you want! Wear whenever you feel like it =]

#1053 Rain Storm: I think this (and the next three) were part of the fall collection. I love this color! It’s a pretty, creamy, deep muted blue (darker in real life than in the picture). I really like it. It’s perfect for the colder months. I bought this to do my Chargers-themed nails… still haven’t done it yet! I’m waiting to go to a game & then I’ll do it. I think this is a much more wearable color than a bright blue; it’s more toned down & I think it can kind of act as a neutral because it’s muted.. but who knows what I’m talking about? 😛

#1062 Leap Flog: This is a dark, creamy, muted forest green. This is an interesting color. First off, it’s green… not everyone’s going to like it. In flash photography, it looks gray with a hint of green. Weiiiiird. I like it, though. I think it’d be nice for Christmas! Do a little bit of nail art or pair it with a red or gold to make it more festive. And, I find that this doesn’t chip  that easily! I had it one for 4 or 5 days without a top coat and it didn’t chip at all.

#1132  Jungle Trail: This is one of my favorites. I loooooove gray nail polish. I could probably do a gray ombre style nails if I wanted because of all of the shades of gray I have. Anyways, this is a perfect creamy cement color. Doesn’t sound appealing, but it totally is! I love this on my fingers and on my toes. It’s a great neutral color for the colder seasons & I highly recommend it! And you can definitely pair with a brighter or neon color to tone it down a little… in case you don’t want complete neon nails all over.

#1056 Winterberry: This is a shimmery muted purple-ish/gray with a little bit of a red-ish undertone to it. That’s the best I can describe it, but it really is a nice color and it’s very unique. I don’t think I’ve seen a color like this in other brands.. correct me if I’m wrong.  This is definitely perfect for the Fall because it’s a deeper color but it’s not super dark. Now that I’m looking at the picture again, I kind of want to paint my nails this color again.

#1148 Super Nova: I’ve been wanting Orly’s “Rage” for the longest time, but couldn’t bring myself to pay for it. I’m glad I found this polish! I forget what collection it was a part of, but I bought it at Walgreen’s. It’s a beautiful metallic rose gold color. I haven’t compared it to Rage, but from all the talk of what Rage is, I think this is a good dupe for it. It’s perfect to wear all by itself, but it’s even better pairing it with a black nail polish. I love it!

# 1139 Faceted: This is part of the holiday shimmer collection? I don’t remember what the sign said, but THIS IS AMAZING. It’s a clear-based polish with purple micro glitter & rectangular shaped green-ish/silver glitter (or is it confetti?) Anyways, this is absolutely perfect over black nail polish. This was my favorite nail look in a loooong time. I highly recommend this color!!

I will be sure to update more posts with new new polishes as they slowly, but surely, come in.

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