First Impression: Maybelline Color Whisper + L’Oreal Wet Shine Stain (updated!)

Maybelline Color WhisperL'Oreal Wet Shine Stain

I went to WalMart to pick up a few of the new lip products that I keep hearing about! A few of the colors I wanted weren’t there, so I had to make do with what was available. This isn’t going to be a formal review because I only got them today/couple days ago, so I’m NOT testing out the longevity of the products. Sorry, it’ll just be a first impression/swatches blog.

Maybelline Color WhisperMaybelline Sensational Color Whisper: Retails for $5.94 at WalMart. There are 20 shades in the entire collection; I only picked up 3 (for now..) These are sheer washes of color that, depending on the color, can be built up to a fairly pigmented shade. They’re very moisturizing and a shiny finish. However, I find that when it wears off, it leaves my lips feeling dry. Nothing that a little reapplication can’t fix! And these are so easy to use, there’s no need for a mirror, they’re quick for on-the-go, and they have a slimmer packaging (compared to the regular sensational lipsticks) so they’re easy to fit in your purse. The colors I picked up are: Mocha Muse, Made-it Mauve, & Rose of Attraction.

IMG_2912Mocha Muse: sheer pinky nude. Very natural looking; good wear on its own or to layer over another lip color to tone it down a little and add a nice shine.
Made-it Mauve: sheer medium/deep mauve color. Great for every day. Good color to throw on and be out the door
Rose of Attraction: In the tube, it looks more of a brighter pink. In the swatch/on the lips, it’s much more sheer so don’t be scared of what it looks like in the tube. It’s also contains a little a more noticeable amount of glitter.
Lust for Blush: creamy light pink color that kind of looks a little too milky on my lips, but it’s still a wearable color with a correct preparation (exfoliate lips) and application (light coat). Probably my least favorite out the ones I have, but still a good color.
Pin up Peach: bright peachy color; resembles Rose of Attraction but the peach version. My favorite out of the five I have.

OVERALL: These are very comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters. I’m pretty sure all of the colors would be nice for an every day use because they’re sheer. If you want a more pigmented look, just apply a few more layers! I also LOVE the packaging, the “whisper” font is so cute & I love how slim it is compared to other lipsticks. I definitely recommend this product!


L'Oreal Wet Shine StainL’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain: retails for $7.97 at Walmart. There are 12 shades in the entire collection, but I only picked up one! These are supposed to be comparable to the YSL glossy stains which I don’t own ($34?! Oh, heck no!)

Berry Persistent: a deep berry color. It is extremely pigmented and instantly stains your lips. Well, it instantly stained my hand from swatching it. The stain that it leaves behind is very flattering. For my own personal taste, I prefer the stain versus the actual lip color in its entirety. If you’re into bold, pigmented colors, then I think the brighter/deeper colors would be perfect!

L'Oreal Wet Shine StainLilac Ever After: this is the one I’ve been wanting, but was always sold out. Unfortunately, it is SOOO sheer (especially for my pigmented lips) that it doesn’t really show up! It gives the sliiiiightest hint of color (sheer pink) on my lips. But it’s okay because the gloss stays on for awhile, so I guess I could use it as a gloss on top of another lip color. This contains a more noticeable amount of glitter that can be rather annoying once it wears off & glitter remains on your lips, but it’s not gritty–you can’t feel it on your lips.

OVERALL: Staining is great (only on the darker colors), decent application, beautiful packaging. I think they have a wine-y scent to them, I don’t smell the floral or fruit scent that others claim they have… maybe it’s my malfunctioning nose?

Hope you found this to be a little useful. I wish I could buy all of them to test out, but my wallet hurts!


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