Sally Beauty Supply: Orly sale!

**As of February 18, 2013**

Attention nail polish lovers:

Being that I am the cheap nail polish type of gal, I limit myself to spending $4.00 per bottle of nail polish. I’m always on the look-out for good deals on more expensive brands! So when I was browsing at Sally’s today, I noticed a pretty good sale.

There’s a 2 for $11 ($5.50 each) on Orly nail polishes at Sally Beauty Supply! I don’t know when the sale ends, but I suggesst going NOW. Why so urgent, you ask? Well, they’re also giving away a free bottle of Orly with a minimum purchase of $10. Orly recently redesigned their packaging, so Sally’s is giving away the OLD packaged bottles with your purchase of anything!! Just as long as it’s a minimum of $10. Unfortunately, most of the good colors are probably gone by now. When I went, there were whites and light pinks left and some of the nail treatments.

Normally, Orly goes for $7.19 at Sally’s (w/o a beauty card), and ~$8.00 at other places. And that’s just a regular nail polish! The nail treatments (top coat, base coat, ridge filler, no bite, bonder, etc.) go for $7.99 at Sally’s (w/o a beauty card) and $9.00+ at other places.

So what I ended up doing, instead of buying makeup or hair products for the $10 minimum, I took advantage of the 2 for $11 deal & picked up two bottles of Orly (Sea Gurl and Androgynie) & got one free (In a Snap Quick-dry top coat)! All in all, I spent $11 on 3 bottles of Orly ($3.67/bottle) Now that’s a great deal if I do say so myself 🙂

Orly nail polishes


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